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  1. #march2014 #theoc #california The start of #springbreak2014 spent in Orange County :) thank you so much @cammert for housing us at your grandparents, for the lovely meal and hot-tubbing at night :)

  2. Hypocrisy

    Wow, this says so much.


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  3. #march2014 #santamonicaartwalk #typowriters while exploring the art walk, we came across an interactive exhibition where you could form words with typewriter keys. This was my word. :) write, shoot, cook, build, sew, sculpt, paint, innovate, engineer.. Whatever it is.. Create.

  4. aseaofquotes:

    Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things


    1. Parents of little girls: when a boy is mean to you, it means he likes you!
    2. Ten years later: she keeps dating abusive men. We don't know what's wrong with her.
  5. booksandhotchocolate:

    Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

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  6. Anonymous asked: I miss the time when you used to update your tumblr frequently and reply asks.

    I’m really sorry! :S I miss those times too, University life is hectic but wonderful in its craziness! Even my instagram is behind :P Forgive me, I’m doing the best I can :) 


  7. #march2014 #seemag #santamonicaartwalk Art excursions with @cadigan_ :) this time to an old airport hangar turned to the home of many little artists’ studios 😊 #la #artscene

  8. #march2014 when walking around #westwood , it’s always nice to step into the #hammermuseum for some quiet contemplation.. Museums really do just that. They create a space that allows you to be outside of reality and “stop driving each other crazy” but at the same time, they require your engagement with the art and so you have to very much be in the moment. It’s a wonderful dichotomy. #opinion #justaninterpretation #maybeyoursisdifferent #andthatswonderful

  9. #march2014 perfect place to get away to on the rare class-free weekday :) also amazing for celebrity spotting, especially #abbotkinney . Who I’ve spotted so far at Abbot or Venice on a weekday: Robyn from HIYM, Ivy from 90210, Katie Holmes, Cook from Skins (stopped dead in my tracks for him) 😍

  10. #march2014 .. And this is me 80% of the time, especially towards the end of the quarter. If there is one thing that #UCLA has taught me (and there have been many many valuable things) is you learn to be balanced and open minded, or you can’t survive. #iloveit #yayessays #writeon #alsomyfavouritecafe #theycallbubbleteabobainthestates

  11. #march2014 #whiterose event #universalstudios #kdbruins always the best time with my loves 😍

  12. #march2014 kappa delta’s white rose event at #universalstudios 😁 this was the time of the night for competition to be our next daggerman. Some boys danced, some sang, others… #thatwasaperfectlygoodshirtsir !

  13. #february2014 just an example of one of the many bookstores we visited for #seemag . #skylightbooks #heykittyyourepretty

  14. #february2014 we stumbled upon a lovely little french row of cafés while out on a #seemag excursion in #losfeliz #la poached eggs and pastries galore!