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  1. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #cabo #sanlucas #mecabo 👙 everyday, all day! :) so glad I got to know @chlocatts through this trip. 😘

  2. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #sprangbreak4eva #cabo #mexico 🎶 para-para-paradise 🎶🎶☀️☺️ #mecabobymelia

  3. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #cabo #sanlucas decided to deviate from our usual making breakfast in the apartment and then chilling on the balcony to breakfast by the marina #senorsweets #withthesweetest ☺️

  4. #march2014 #cabo #mexico #springbreak2014 #elsquidroe #SPRANGBREAK4EVA (currently dying over mid-term stress and very much wishing I was back here, living these care-free times again)

  5. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #cabo #sanlucas #mexico 🎶🎶🎶sunshine, she’s here, you can take a breaaaakk 🎶🎶🎶

  6. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #cabo #sanlucas #armcandy For blue, blue, blue skies ☀️

  7. #springbreak2014 #march2014 #cabo #mexico #sanlucas spring breakers paradise ☀️


  8. Anonymous asked: Youre majoring in english?

    I came in Undecided Social Sciences and I’ve recently declared an English major because I did A-Levels English Literature so I’m pretty far along in the UC system. I’m taking upper division classes already, so I’m looking for something else to double major in. At the same time, like all other freshman, I’m working on fulfilling UCLA’s General Education requirements :

    Foundations of the Arts and Humanities
    Three 5-unit courses, one from each subgroup:
    Literary and Cultural Analysis
    Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis
    Visual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice

    Foundations of Society and Culture
    Three 5-unit courses, one from each subgroup and a third course from
    either subgroup:
    Historical Analysis
    Social Analysis

    Foundations of Scientific InquiryFour courses, two from each subgroup. One 5-unit course from each

    subgroup must carry either laboratory/demonstration or Writing II credit.
    Life Sciences
    Physical Sciences

    It’s very exciting and fulfilling :)


  9. #march2014 #springbreak2014 #mangodeck #cabo #sanlucas quintessential spring break location vacation! 😉 #tsm haha.


  10. Anonymous asked: aminah! i absolutely love your kebaya that u wore during your open house last year! do u mind telling me where u bought it? i've been trying to look for something similar. thank youuu.

    Hi! I got it from Poya at BSC :)



  11. Anonymous asked: hey A! i just saw that the only thing you do to your hair is wash n air dry. just wondering- what shampoo and conditioner do you use? what brand..

    Hey! I’ve tried a bunch but the combination that seems to work for me best is the schwarzkopf extra care hair repair with liquid keratin anti-dandruff shampoo and tresemme’s moisturising conditioner. These are pretty affordable and you can find them in watsons/guardian in KL. Unfortunately they don’t sell Schwarzkopf in the States :( So I’ve been using Head &Shoulder instead, which I don’t think is as good because it doesn’t have keratin. 



  12. Anonymous asked: Post more pictures! You are really pretty ❤️

    Thank you! 



  13. Anonymous asked: Do you know Lisa Surihani? I think you kinda look like her.

    I wasn’t familiar with her before but I googled her, she’s a malaysian actress? 

    I don’t see the resemblance but thank you! ;P Haha.



  14. Anonymous asked: I was just wondering. Do you still work out as much in the US? How do you stay so slim?!

    Not as much as intensively as I used to in KL,

    but I still go at least 3 times a week to the gym at college (which is really, really well equipped) unless I’m ill. I have these little index cards where I write which work-outs target which areas of my body, I bring them along with me to the gym and follow them! :) 


  15. #march2014 #springbreak2014 care-free times post-exams, a view of the marina, authentic Mexican food, friendship, laughter.. Sums up our first meal in #cabo #sanlucas 😁☀️ only gets better from here!